Common Sewer Backup Causes and Quick Fixes

Sewer backups are the worst of all problems you will face regarding your sewage line. A backup is when the waste water from your drain starts backing up to the surface rather than going down the sewer line. 

Sewer Backup Causes
Sewer Backup Causes

It Can Happen Due to Many Reasons, But The Most Common of All are As Follows:

  • Clogs –

    Clogs are the most common reason behind your sewer backing up, it can be noticed when the water from your sink or bathroom drains out slower than usual.
    Clogs can occur due to many reasons, many day to day activities lead to the clogging of your sewer line which can easily be prevented just by being a little more careful.
    Draining of hair, tissues, sanitary products, women’s  hygiene products through your pipes can lead to clogging of sewer.
    Draining fat, oils, grease and other thick liquids through your drainage system can lead to them sticking inside the pipes and cause clogging.
    Avoiding these activities can help a lot to let your drainage system to work efficiently. 
  • Tree Roots –

    Tree roots are another common cause of sewage back up, tree roots can grow long around the sewer lines and if there are any cracks, can get inside and make blockages for the running water in your sewage system. This will first result in slow draining of water and can later lead to backing up of waste water and can also harm your pipes if not treated timely. 
  • Problems in the Main Sewer Line –

    Blockages can occur in the main sewer line which connects the sewage system of the whole city where you live. A problem can occur there and you are not liable to fix this but it can still lead to backing up of waste water in your house, to prevent this you can stop the water supply of your house so not to add up to the problem already in hand and wait for the city’s plumbing department to solve the issue. 

Quick Fixes

  • Use a Plunger:

    A plunger is the first option that you should go for to fix those clogs. It can help in draining the things that are causing the clogs. 
  • Chemical Solution:

    Chemical solution can be flushed down your toilet if the tree roots are causing problems in your sewer line. The chemicals will kill the tree roots and they won’t grow again. The roots will flow out through the sewer. 
  • Liquid Drain Cleaner:

    Many liquid drain cleaners are sold in the market to clear drains facing clogs. Use these only to clean the bathtub or sink, and not your toilet (it can cause leaks if used in toilets). Don’t use liquid drain cleaners very often as they can deteriorate your pipes. If you face clogs too often it’s better to consult a Plumber Lane Cove professional.
  • Auger:

    Augers are long drill-like machines used to make holes in ground. You can get an Auger in a hardware shop and use it for clearing toilet clogs. Usually professionals use this tool.

If nothing works, taking professional help in case of sewage back ups is always advised.